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Latest Version: 2024.3


LMD ShellPack is a collection of 29 native VCL components that can be compiled into your application royalty free. It contains shell controls which help you in all aspects to create Windows Explorer like projects. Other included components provide access to undocumented windows dialogs or advanced system functions. Release 4.0 introduced integration into LMD shared runtime packages. Besides that 4 controls of the LMD Core package (TLMDStarter, TLMDVersionInfo, TLMDFileCtrl and TLMDFileGrep) are now part of LMD ShellPack.


  • Includes 29 controls including full sourcecode;
  • Component package allows simple und fast creation of Windows Explorer type applications by providing Shell List-/TreeView and Combobox controls;
  • Provides access to undocumented Windows dialogs;
  • Simplifies handling of shell links and other shell tasks;
  • Many predefined TAction objects to set up menus and toolbars easily;
  • Extensive demo projects with sourcecode, including a sample Windows Eplorer clone;
  • Free updates via Internet
  • A Site License covers unlimited number of developers in same organization at one location
  • Free technical support via forum (forum.lmd.de), e-mail, fax or mail
  • Also available as part of LMD-Tools or LMD VCL Complete.


File manager demo

LMD ShellPack contains all required controls to create sophisticated Explorer like applications. The FileManager project provided with ShellPack includes many advanced features including file/folder filters, system functions like formatting disks, folder history etc

MDI demo

In MDI project ShellPack controls are demonstrated within a MDI environment. The File Attributes dialog shown in screenshot is a custom dialog created by demo (requesting and displaying information for a selected object from ShellPack services).


Use the TLMDStarter component to execute applications or processes. Several start parameters and events are supported. In addition the exact time and date of the start process may be specified.
Retrieves resource info of a file / dll (CompanyName, BuildNr, LegalTrademark, ...)
Supports various file actions for one or more files (copy, delete, remove, rename) and retrieves various file infos for one single file. Includes methods for system imagelist support.
This powerful component helps you creating FileGrep like applications. Searches for files on a specified set of paths. Possible paramters are creation date, access time, modified time, filemasks, fileattributes, filesize. Result values can be specified (e.g. Filename, FileExtension, Size or+é-á Filename, CreationTime). Can be connected to a LMDListBox for output of result.
'Controller' Component for TLMDShellList, TLMDShellTree and TLMDShellComboBox. Use only one interface to handle current displayed data, because all mentioned components are linked to TLMDShellFolder.
Specialized treeview for display of directory trees (like in Windows Explorer). Used in connection with TLMDShellFolder.
Specialized listview for file display (like in Windows Explorer). Used in connection with TLMDShellFolder.
Specialized combobox for display of directory trees (like in Windows Explorer). Used in connection with TLMDShellFolder.
This components provides events for several system events.
This component displays the standard Find Computer... or Find Files... dialog.
This component displays the Format Drives dialog.
This component displays the Properties dialog of an object or file.
This component displays the Run File... dialog.
This component displays the Icon selection dialog for a file or an object.
This component displays the Windows ShutDown dialog.
This component displays several applets and tabs of the control panel.
Displays the Add Favorite Dialog from Internet Explorer (if IE 3 or higher is installed on the target system).
Displays the Favorites Dialog from Internet Explorer to organize the prefered links and URLs (if IE 3 or higher is installed on the target system).
Add to your application a Favorites menu for URLs like in Internet Explorer.
This control provides an ready-to-use enduser dialog for customizing header and column display in a TLMDShellList component.
Use this control to provide enduser possibility to administrate a list of paths in a very simple and comfortable way.
The TLMDShellLink control can be used to create or read windows LNK files.
The TLMDShellBrowseDialog control provides an extended 'Browse for folder' dialog with additional options against the system folder dialog.
Wrapper for the WIN32 BrowseForFolderDialog procedure, customized for use within LMD ShellPack component suite.
Simple Component to display the Windows About-Dialog.
This control provides an ready-to-use enduser dialog for specifying file/folder filter settings of a TLMDShellFolder component.
TLMDShellDriveListBox displays the system drives, allowing fast selection of a specific drive.
This component displays Map-/UnMap Drive dialogs for shared network resources.
Use TLMDShellConsoleView control to redirect output of command line batch files to a memo or string list.


Description Date Available Files
LMD Universal Installer (Trial)

Universal trials installer - suitable for all LMD 2024 products. Only ~2MB in size - only the files which are required for the selected installation options will be downloaded.

If you need offline installation functionality: Since version 2024.1, zip files with all files for a specific IDE are available (download zip file for your IDE, extract it and run lmdsetup.exe).

Universal installer technology will be the preferred way for future releases. Please send feedback to mail@lmdsupport.com or use our forum.

Installation problems? Read the corresponding LMD Universal Installer Wiki entry.

Versions history

April 2, 2024
LMD ShellPack Trial (Old Installer Technology)

Use this installer variant if you encounter problems with the new Universal installer variant. The installers in this section correspond to the installers from previous versions.

Standalone version. Demo projects included. Exe-Demos provide compiled version of example projects (updated for LMD 2022 release). Please find documentation package at the end of this section.

This is a LMD 2024 release and should not be used at the same time with older release packages.

Delphi XE2 (and better) release contains 32bit + 64bit support. Latest ServicePack required for XE2 + XE6 releases.

Installation problems? Read the corresponding Package Installation Wiki entry.

Terms of use (Trials) / License Agreement / Support Topics

April 2, 2024
LMD HelpFiles for Standalone Packs

Helpfiles for LMD Standalone Packs like BarPack, ChartPack, FxPack etc.

April 2, 2024

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